Kuxuan Adults Unisex RS1 ABEC-7 Bearings Golden Purple Freestyle Slalom Urban Inline Skates Black Gold 44
Kuxuan Adults Unisex RS1 ABEC-7 Bearings Golden Purple Freestyle Slalom Urban Inline Skates Black Gold 44
Manufacturer : Kuxuan
Amazon Price : $99.99
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Product Description
Inline skating, A great exercise and one of the best fat blasters

- Inline skating burns a whopping 425 calories for every 30 minutes of skating and the most enjoyable thing is actually having fun while burning those calories
- Many with knee and joint problems find inline skating to be a much easier and safer exercise than jogging or running as inline skating puts less pressure and pain on the knees and joints


Wheel Configuration(mm):
6-7: 72-76-76-72
7.5-9.5: 76-80-80-76
Wheel Durometer: 85A
Bearing: Performace, ABEC-7, 608Z
Frame: 6061 CNC Aluminum Frame
Range: Beginner - Intermediate
Closure Type: Ratchet buckle and traditional laces
Skate Cuff Height: High
Skate Boots Type: Hard shell

About Frame and Wheels:

- The frame of RS1 is straight, but with two different sizes of wheels, which offers more maneuverability for tricks and turning
- Wheels will suffer wear and tear when you skating, and the degree of abrasion differs from wheel's position. You can change their order or side to maximize the lifespan about once a month


- Check and tighten all nuts and bolts periodically
- To ensure a smooth ride, lubricate the bearings periodically
- The liner also need regular cleaning: soak it for a few hours in warm water, and then dry it on a shady place

If you have any question or concern, please email us. It's our pleasure to help you. :)
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #371884 in Toys & Games
  • Size: 44(EU)-Foot Length 10.63in
  • Color: Black Gold
  • Brand: Kuxuan
  • Product Features
  • Eye-catching Looking Rollerblades with Brake - Either Luxurious gloden or mysterious purple is a perfect choice
  • Qualified for different surfaces - 85A PU wheels are competent for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Memory Fit Liner - Removable padded liner with special V design in the heel gives you more support
  • Stronger and Safer - Super durable hard shell, 6061 CNC frame and extra anti-collision offer you more protection
  • We offer a size chart in the detail picture on the left to help you find your exact fit in our inline skates
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    12 of 12 people found the following review helpful.
    5I used to have owned a pair of inline skates for like half a year(K2 Kinetic 78 for reference)
    By Helen Yankovich
    To preface, I used to have owned a pair of inline skates for like half a year(K2 Kinetic 78 for reference), but I've not been skating for about 1 years because of my ankle problems. Though the soft boot was comfortable and great in all other areas, it turned out to have a tendency to pronate on my ankle and could not offer enough support. I did not notice this problem and quit skating. Not long ago I casually browsing on Amazon and found these skates. Actually I was caught by its shiny color and had a click. Then I found this skates is different from the others with a hard shell on the outisde. I read the product description and knew that the types of skates is called urban skates. After I google it for more infomation I decided to buy one and have a try.

    When the skates arrived, I put them on immediately and they fit perfectly! I was kind of worried about getting the accurate size before. I normally wear size 8 in sneakers but my old pair was 7.5. I noticed that the size chart offered had foot length for reference, so I measured both my foot and have a compartion. *You should note that there is a certain chance that your foot's lenth may differ, so it's important to measure both of your feet and choose carefully.* My foot length is 243mm, according to the size chart I should choose EU39. But I have a wide foot so I would like to have a larger size in case it's tight for me. I am glad that the skates' size run true to the chart and the feeling is great!

    The liner/Boot is removable, I unlock all the buckle and it can be easily draged out. I stuck my hand in the boot and I like the design in the heel very much, which offers enough support for my ankle. *There is also an arch in the boot, so it may be not that friendly for people who have flat feet.* I think it's very convenient if I need to wash the skates later, and it will be easy to keep the boot clean. The hard shell is plastic and has reinforcement points around the outer cuff, nice quality. The frame is aluminum and very solid. Wheels are super smooth and do not have any noise when I spin them. Actually all the details have been noted and they just like in the description.

    The wheels is 85A, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. I have search for some infomation and it shows that the hardness is just good enough, which will save your wheels while outdoors, and not chew them up too fast. This skates wtih two differnt size of wheels which I think is called rockered setup. This means the front and rear wheels are higher than the two middle and do not touch the ground when standing on flat land, which will offer more maneuverability when turning. I have tried them several times and do not like this setup that much since I prefer to skating on the road and need more stability. Fortunately the frame is straight and they come with a wrench so I have change the all the wheels to 80mm and have them all toughing the ground. *For your reference, the maximum wheels is 80mm* As for the brake, I have go to yourube and I think braking with wheels is really cool. I have already tried with my wheels but I need more practice. Braking with wheels really makes skating more fun than before. If you want to challenge yourself, must have a try!

    I definitely satisfied with this RS1 inline skates. In genreal, The quality is quite good and feel very comfortable. Though I was a little surprise when I knew this skates come from China, it did not matter much. Lots of our stuff are made in China. Not to mention such a frendly price with the high quality. My skills and balance improved with this skates. However, it was a bit torture just getting into the hard shell after trying soft boot, but it got easier over time as the liner started to break in. I would have not restarted skating if not for this skate. The hard boot is essential if you have weak ankles or pronated/supinated feet and ankles. I would highly highly recommend them to my friends. If you are a novice-beginner or even intermediater and do not into showing brands, this skates' quality is a better enough and a great choice.
    In the end, thanks to anyone that read the entirety of this review. Thank you very much and hope this review may help you!

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
    By Tyler Hilton
    Great Skates! Super cool looking in person, high quality. Looks just like the picture.
    The inner lining of the boots can be removed which is great for washing.
    The only thing I didn't like is that they are kind of heavy and super bulky like snow skii boots, my friend's skates are much smaller and skinnier in person compared to these. Also, note that these do not come with breaks! So not a good idea for beginners.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    5Best present ever!
    By April Hogan
    I bought this for my boyfriend and he loved them!! Now we went to skates park everyday, he didn't want to come off them. I chose this because the gloden color, which is my favorite. LOL. The skates fit well, rides smooth, and the buckle is easy to put on. I highly recommend this skates!!

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