Farmyard Flingshot Flyers Flying Squawking Chicken
Farmyard Flingshot Flyers Flying Squawking Chicken
Manufacturer : Playmaker Toys
Amazon Price : $3.17
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Product Description
Flingshot Flying Chicken With Sound!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #55151 in Toys & Games
  • Color: 1PC
  • Brand: Playmaker Toys
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 7.00" w x 9.00" l, .15 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Flingshot Action!
  • New With Tags
  • Makes Rooster Crowing Sound
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    5My dog loves this
    By Hsiao Yu Chen
    I got this toy for a show I'm performing, but my dog goes crazy when it makes a sound and flies. Now you might think that's not a big deal, but you've never seen my dog. She's been abused badly and she would not play with any toy at all. No balls, no socks, she's afraid of everybody. Now I don't sling it, but I grab this chicken by the legs and throw it and when the head bounced back it starts to make sound midair and the dog goes crazy chasing it. So, maybe not as intended, but I'm glad I got it; it was the only thing that makes my dog playful.

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    1Sling shot toys = fun. Made in China = not fun
    By cmdaven
    I was stoked to get a bunch of slingshot toys for decent prices ($5 range) here on Amazon. Out of several varieties purchased, (Frog, cow, monkey, chicken, pig) I had to return 2 right from the get-go. One of them was the chicken. First of all, the spot for your finger to hold the chicken in place as you pull back the sling is under the head. Mine wasn't stitched completely so my finger went all the way through. And because of location of the "sling" (elastic) being in the neck, when not in use the chicken looks dead and broken with its head flopped completely down. At least with all of the other animals, in their "non-sling" form, they look like valid toys. The chicken was the worst flier, due to the location of the finger slot and the terrible elastic.
    I was really disappointed with this purchase. The other slingshot toys were marginally better. I think we also ordered two ducks (?) which immediately got sent back for other problems...they were gone so fast, I can't even remember!
    Don't be tantalized by the price and a couple good reviews - the chicken is terrible. If you want to risk a few bucks on a slingshot toy for entertainment value, the monkey was very cheap but flies the best. The cow, frog, and pig are also better fliers.

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    3Beware for the super strong, band can break but a good product if you know what your doing!
    By Chris Goguen
    I got this for a friend at Christmas. You put your finger under the chickens beak pull back on the legs and fling through the air. Makes chicken sounds in the air and when it lands. Pretty funny but beware of those never using these before or people who don't know their own strength. It was only good for that day. One of the kids broke this by stretching too much and the band snapped. He was able to use it a few times beforehand but after it broke its useless unless you smack it up against the table to hear the chicken noises. If your unsure how to use one, don't try it. If used properly you will have fun but if you stretch it back too far the band is going to break. I'm only buying another as he knew how to use it and the price is low. But you get what you pay for and maybe if the band was stronger, it would be worthy of 5 stars. Good product but keep it away from those who can't use it properly.

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