Super Cute 12" White Baby Doll, Comes with a Training Potty, Adorable Bib, and Baby Bottle, Give your Daughter the Right Training While She Does it Herself.
Super Cute 12
Manufacturer : Dolls To Play
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Product Description
Develop your child's imagination with this realistic looking Baby Doll.
This incredible Doll Provides a superior Alternative for pretend play.
It's time to give your child a break from Video Games!
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #50485 in Toys & Games
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Dolls To Play
  • Product Features
  • LIFELIKE FEATURES - Dolls To Play has finally come out with the First Lifelike Baby Doll and Carrier for your beloved Little Girl or Boy. The Baby Doll is made of gentle touch Vinyl with a soft weighted body. The dolls features are all Handcrafted Depicting tiny little toes on the feet and adorable fingers on the hand. The Facial features are all hand painted Depicting tiny rosebud lips and Sparkling eyes.
  • SNUGLY SOFT BODY - Dolls To Play Baby Doll is an ideal first Baby doll that encourages Kids to express affection and care. It has a soft body that's perfect for hugging. Your little ones will learn to role-play nurture, love, and care. The Dolls clothing can easily be changed helping young ones develop fine motor skills.
  • POTTY TRAINING - Dolls To Play is the perfect gift to present to your child when they're ready to begin using the potty or as a reward for when they finish training. It's a great way for children to understand the concept of toilet-training and motivates them to use the Bathroom instead of Wetting. The Matching Bottle and Bib included in this Package is a terrific way for children to grasp the idea of cleanliness and will motivate them to stay clean.
  • EFFECTIVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT - Develop your child's imagination with this realistic looking doll from Dolls To Play. This incredible Doll provides a superior alternative for pretend play. It's time to give your child a break from Video Games! In order to properly develop an imagination, Your child needs to physically touch, hold and interact with people. By introducing your child to Dolls your child will learn how to engage with babies properly to help them develop essential life skills.
  • MADE FOR DOLLS TO PLAY BRAND - See our other Dolls, Strollers, Playpen, etc. by clicking on the Brand Name right under the product title. Dolls To Play is an exclusive Company, manufacturing higher end Dolls and accessories for deserving children.
  • Customer Reviews

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    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
    3Cute but Ours Has Problems
    By Jessie G.
    You know, every now and then you get a product that is disappointing.
    Unfortunately this is one of them for us.

    I got this for my 2 year old daughter because it's a doll ( duh ) and because
    we are potty training. I thought it could be helpful and educational in a fun way.
    The concept is excellent however we've had some problems...

    The doll just got delivered today, I gave it to my daughter and within 20 minutes
    it was broken. We were turning the dolls legs to adjust for a sitting position ( for the potty) and one leg
    popped off. Not a big deal I thought at first. 30 minutes later I still couldn't get the leg back in place.
    My hubby then took over and it took him another 15 minutes and it is OBVIOUS that the leg will
    be falling off easily from this point forward. Apparently there is a seam and some kind of bump/deformity
    on it that makes it not want to go in or stay in securely. I have included pictures.
    Whether this is the "normal" design or a fluke I can't say for sure.

    I will say that my daughter does love the "baby" and was quite upset she was "bwoked" ( as she said it)
    The potty feature does work and the doll does wet LOL which had my daughter all excited and yelling about the potty.
    So huge points from me there - at least it has caused a connection with where the wetting goes!
    The doll is cute with tiny little ears, fingers and toes and as I've said the potty part is creative and a neat way to
    teach about using the potty.

    I do however think the doll needs to be a bit more durable if it is being made for toddlers and small children.
    It really doesn't FEEL durable and the places where the legs and arms attach are weak.

    Over all I give 3 stars and not 2 only because for the price -it is what it is and about what I expected
    and also our issue may be a fluke. Plus it did/does grab my girls attention about the potty.

    ***I did receive a discount on this doll in exchange for an honest and unbiased review***

    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
    2Cheaply made.
    By Angelica
    Kind of terrible as a potty training doll. Poorly made and the water leaks right out everywhere.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    5Such a cute baby doll for your little one
    By Mariebelle Rodriguez
    My 3 year old daughter is going through a baby doll craze! When I saw this one I had to get it for her! I am very happy with the size and quality of this baby doll. She is not too hard, yet not too soft. She comes with a potty, a bib, and a bottle. You can unscrew the bottle's lid and fill it up with water to "feed" the baby doll. The baby doll's mouth has a tiny hole in it where the bottle with water is inserted. Then baby can go potty in her small, pink baby potty. At the bottom of the doll there is another hole where the water comes back out. This can make potty training fun, or in my daughter's case (since she is already potty trained for a while now) she can take her baby potty now. The baby doll wears very cute clothing as pictured and comes with a baby hat. I find this doll absolutely adorable and am very happy with it.

    I received this product at a discount exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Receiving this product at a discount does not alter my opinion in any way.

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