Cra-Z-Art Giant Color Craze 20 Dough Pack
Cra-Z-Art Giant Color Craze 20 Dough Pack
Manufacturer : Cra-Z-Art
Amazon Price : $9.97
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Product Description
Portable carry box loaded with 20 cans of Softie Dough! 20 different colors for endless creative play. Super soft modeling compound.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #65663 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: Cra-Z-Art
  • Model: 13588
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 2.50" w x 2.50" l,
  • Product Features
  • 20 can value pack!
  • 20 brilliant colors!
  • Super soft modeling compound
  • Customer Reviews

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    4... set travels well so that is really what I love about it
    By Jennifer Spring
    The set travels well so that is really what I love about it. It has a chalky feel to it and that is what I don't love about it. Overall, I get a large variety of colors and in a small package that I can take everywhere.

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    By Amy Trust
    I wanted to love this product, I really did..... It was a fantastic deal (over the Play Doh brand) & I was so excited to see you could soften the dough up yourself with just a bit of water so gave it a try. Loved all the colors, very nice variety. I received my order on time and in satisfactory packaging. The box that holds the 20 pack is great, containers all fit nicely and I LOVE the carry handle on top. VERY disappointed when we opened up our colors though....Brand new box but here's the breakdown of what we received: 4 colors were perfect (left side column); 3 colors were extremely dried out (couldn't even save them by adding water); 9 colors were already dried out quite a bit (these are all on the right side of the table); 4 were drying out but I was able to save them with a LOT of water (this is column with lavender, blue, pink & purple). With how long it took to save the 4 I could, I didn't have the patience or energy to fix the remaining 9. I live in the Phoenix area and yes it's hotter than hell out here, but this package was outside for barely an hour so it could not have caused the extensive drying issues. I had a good return/exchange experience however. I received a replacement at no charge & returned the original. Amazon Customer Service is fantastic! (that's why this has 2 stars instead of 1)

    The replacement package was definitely better however still had to fix some colors with water (don't remember how many). I LOVE that you can soften up the dough yourself but what is never mentioned is HOW fast it dries. Played with these with my kid (many times), indoors with AC, 4-5 colors out at a time, the dough literally starts drying within 30 - 45 min. You can feel how stiff the edges get.... Technically we could keep only 1-2 colors out at a time but we/she use more than that simultaneously so that won't work for us. We have only had this product since the 1st week of July (roughly 3 wks) & EVERYTIME she plays with it, I have had to soften up at least 5 of her colors (plays a couple times a week at least). Very frustrating for both of us when we just want to play with the dough, right out of the container without any "fixes" required. Maybe our packages were just part of old stock somewhere? Regardless I have gone back to Play Doh & will not be getting this brand again. Unfortunately this is not the dough for us. I hope it works better for others though!!

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    5Great value
    By Jen
    Lots of dough, lots of colors!! Great for the price!!

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