6pc Set of Slingshot Flingshot Flying Animals with Sound Monkey Pig Chicken Cow Duck Frog
6pc Set of Slingshot Flingshot Flying Animals with Sound Monkey Pig Chicken Cow Duck Frog
Manufacturer : Playmaker Toys
Amazon Price : $21.98
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Product Description
6pc Set of Slingshot Flingshot Flying Animals with Sound Monkey Pig Chicken Cow Duck Frog
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7904 in Toys & Games
  • Color: Colorful
  • Brand: Playmaker Toys
  • Dimensions: 3.90" h x 7.50" w x 10.60" l, .90 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Set Includes Monkey, Pig, Cow, Chicken, Duck and Frog
  • Real Slingshot Action
  • Makes Respective Sounds When Crashed
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Great little gag gifts for adults, too
    By Kindle Customer
    I ordered these because I needed some stocking stuffers for my family of five, all grownups. At this price they end up costing $5.67 each, which I think is just a little bit high for such a product. But so far I have had fun testing the items. I love all of the sounds they make, except for the pig. Actually, the pig is rather a dud because it is very difficult for me to get it to fly, too. It seems that the pockets on the paws are upside down on mine. The little critters have little pockets on their paws into which you insert two fingers, then put back and let them fly. It takes a little practice to get the hang of getting your fingers in them. They make an animal sound when they hit the wall or floor, which is fun. You can also make them sound by throwing them down, but not by squeezing them. A couple of them--the chicken and the duck--only have one pocket; it is under the neck, and that makes them actually easier to use. So far, my favorites are the monkey and the chicken. I will update this review after Christmas once I have had a chance to see how everyone likes them and see how durable they are.

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    1All broke in first use - reinforcing sewing a possible help
    By Elle-Elle
    Bought these for a rainy day in a cabin. Great fun! For the first couple of minutes. The chicken's head came off during first launch, the duck after the second launch. The others lasted slightly longer, but the hands came off all the others quickly. Picture this - a single piece of stretchy tubing coming out of each sleeve of the animal with one single knot at the end of the tubing. The knot was stuffed into the "hand" of the animal, and then 2-3 single stitches to make the hand hole small enough so the knot won't slip through. Which would be okay, maybe, if this weren't a slingshot! The first pressure applied, and "pop" goes the tubing! I should mention that I have seen the monkeys in a store 3-4 years ago and the demos were constantly played with and did not break. Maybe someone is still selling good ones ou there... but if you get these, take a moment to pull out your own sewing kit and reinforce them before use.

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    1Mind-bogglingly unhappy
    By Penny Bright
    I ordered the set of 6 because I needed 5 of these for stocking stuffers. Well, out of the set of 6 I have 3 that are actually usable. Three of the items (chicken, monkey and cow) were missing their tags, the control pin was already removed - and they were completely dead. It was pretty obvious these 3 were old used ones that were just kicking around the place. They were even discolored, as if they had gotten someone had played with them, broken them, and sent them back??

    Seriously - if there aren't 6 available to fulfill the order, just tell the customer. Don't swap in old crappy broken dirty ones. I've just never seen such a thing.

    I'm beyond unhappy!

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