Ty Beanie Baby Alvin, Alvin and the Chipmunks
Ty Beanie Baby Alvin, Alvin and the Chipmunks
Manufacturer : TY Beanie Baby
Amazon Price : $35.00
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40799 Features: -Alvin chipmunk.-Cuddle up with this adorable TY beanie baby.-A sure favorite and great for that collector in your life.
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #75888 in Toys & Games
  • Size: Small
  • Brand: TY Beanie Baby
  • Model: 40799
  • Released on: 2009-12-02
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.00" h x 4.00" w x 3.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • Official product from Ty's wildly popular Beanie Babies Collection
  • Look for the familiar heart-shaped tag that means you've purchased an authentic Ty product
  • Handmade with the finest quality standards in the industry
  • Requires no additional gift tag; inside allows you to insert "TO" and "FROM" information
  • Collect them all
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    5Best Chipmunk movie collectibles I've seen so far...
    By Monty Moonlight
    Okay, so I just saw the Squeakquel, being a big fan of the Chipmunks going back to watching them as a small child in the '80's. As expected, it was a great time. Dave literally phoned it in this time, but "Uncle" Ian was back to exploit the Chipettes, and it was completely hilarious! Anyway, I had seen these Ty beanies of Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Britney on Amazon a short time before and already knew I wanted them. I have a nice toy trio already that came with the DVD release of the first film in a Best Buy gift set, but I was always unsatisfied with their small size. These Ty beanies are much closer to the actual size of the Chipmunks in the live-action/CGI films. Still a bit short, but much closer (possibly more accurate to actual chipmunk size? I really don't know though). So, I was thrilled when my package from Amazon arrived and much larger (but not too large) chipmunks than the ones I already have filled the box. These new Ty chipmunks look good, and I am giving them the full five stars because I do love them, but they could still have been better. They're big enough to satisfy me without being too big, like a plush probably would be, and they have nice detail. However, they could have better detail. Most specifically, they could have the darker areas of their fur that form stripes, some of which (in the film) imply eyebrows. This is something I'll miss in the tiny plush toys I have that I will probably get rid of after making this upgrade. Their tails in the film versions are longer than these Ty incarnations too, but that's no biggie. I have yet to acquire Theodore, as I could only buy three when I ordered these with a gift card, and Brittany was a must (I'll get Theo ASAP, for sure), so I can't comment on him, but I can say that I think of the three I own, Simon has the best likeness since the glasses add detail to his overall look (wearing his blue hoodie, of course). Without the eyebrow enhancements, Alvin isn't so striking, despite having that nicely made hoodie with stitched on "A", and Brittany is very cute, but she also looks the most like a toy out of the three. Still, I'm thankful that she actually does have a center forehead stripe, and her outfit is very cute, though it does have fraying edges on the jacket's bottom hem. She sports a cute ponytail like in the film, but I had to work with it a bit to make it lay right due to the way they chose to craft it (it's stuffed itself, like her actual tail). Regardless of the nit-picky things, she looks great and all three of these beanies do, and I anticipate Theodore will look great when I get him as well. They just better not stiff us fans and cancel the line before making Jeanette and Eleanor! Oh, and what's the deal with Alvin not wearing his cap? He doesn't wear it in the Squeakquel (if I remember correctly), nor does the Ty beanie wear one! Alvin always wore his hat! I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a cap-wearing version if/when the other two Chipettes come out though, forcing me to buy Alvin all over again, ha.

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    2seller's issue, not the product.
    By seahorse
    i ordered (2) ty alvin and the chipmunks 8" theodore plush doll toy ($9.69 each) and what i received was ty beanie baby alvin and the chipmunks ($5.89 each). these doll toys are supposed to be my present for my grandkid, but i'm sending them back because they are the wrong items and it's not what i paid for, and i have to pay for the return postage even though it was the seller's mistake. it could have been an unintentional error on the seller's side but why should i pay for the return postage. all of these could have been avoided if only they double-checked what they're shipping out.

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    5Lost Alvin
    By irma corzine
    My Grandson loved the Ty Beanie Baby Alvin. He has all the chipmunks but somehow Alvin, his favorite got lost/misplaced. Now his Chipmunks are all back together!

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