Pokemon Omega Ruby Unlocked with All 721 Pokemon
Pokemon Omega Ruby Unlocked with All 721 Pokemon
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Product Description
This listing is for a physical copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby pre-loaded with ALL 721 Pokemon to choose from. All the Pokemon will be 100% battle ready. This means they will come with proper competitive movesets, proper IVs, competitive Natures, and a proper EV spread. The game will also include maximum amounts (900) of every item. Max Masterballs, Evolutionary items, all Mega Stones, recovery items, and all held battling items (Assault Vest, Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Leftovers, and much more). The game will start out at the very beginning of the story. All the Pokemon will be found in the player's PC at the first Pokecenter.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7708 in Video Games
  • Brand: Nintendo
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Dimensions: .50" h x 4.50" w x 5.00" l, .5 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Game is included with ALL 721 Pokemon!
  • All Pokemon are 100% Battle Ready (Proper competitive movesets, IVs, Natures, and EVs)!
  • Save thousands of hours and jump straight into competitive battling!
  • Game includes ALL Mega Stones, ALL held battling items, and ALL recovery items!
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    3Awesome file, just some miscommunication
    By Ton
    I am a very patient person, so I was hoping for my file to go well. I believe that I did not ask much- base on the 2 Files the Seller has to offer (One that's filled with 721 Pokemon and one with competitive move sets). BUT, the game took way longer than expected AFTER reviewing my file. I asked for the competitive move set file and make them not shiny. Doing that for me may have took awhile, since you have to revert an already Shiny file to non shiny. So I was impressed to see all those Wi-Fi ready Pokemon.

    What was really a killer is that I asked for "All starter's 1st evolution are Level 5 (Speed Boost Torchic)". I wanted to at least train the starters from scratch (or at least from egg level) and such (I emphasized "Speed Boost Torchic a lot in our conversation), but that didn't seem to happen. I also had 2 boxes that were empty which could've been filled but "oh well".

    My last sad note: with that Starter request, as mentioned in the Seller's description: "File saved at the first Pokemon center so you can play thru the entire story." I already foresaw that I cannot soft reset for a good nature starter Pokemon (and of course, I would like to play the story and use the boxed Pokemon for Wi-Fi battles). So that was a crusher to me. He ended up somehow with a Torchic with Impish nature with the Original Trainer name as "Ash" (???????) as my starter Pokemon from Birch.

    I was expecting a lot since we had a long conversation (pre-purchase and after purchase).
    The competitive move set Pokemon are nice.
    Not having a good starter sucked a bit.
    A week and a half week wait for an already made "File 2" just killed it.

    Pokemon Omega Ruby Unlocked with All 721 Pokemon

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    5Amazing but one thing :)
    By Amazon Customer
    Love everything about this purchase very pleased customer here everything listed was in the game loved it but correct me if I'm wrong but these are hacked Pokemon correct? If so then I should be able to use these shiny level 100 Pokemon and they will obey even though you start off in the beginning of the game when you get the game with everything but so for no Pokemon wants to obey in battle since I have no badges but they should obey anyways because these are hacked Pokemon not sure if this is because I got a defective game or just unfortunately I have to play the game till I get all the badges with no Pokemon obeying me anything helps but other than that I love this product will definitely be buying more soon.

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    3Could be a lot better
    By Juan A.
    All Pokemon did come shiny and even game with four Hoopas, some Pokemon did come with natures that i would not have chosen, the Pokemon that came did not have full ev's and iv's, I'm buying the power saves to fix all this and i recommend that all people thinking about buying this just get the power saves it cost less than 20 dollars and you can do a lot more, this didn't even come with all TM's and HM's, I am glad i bought it because it saved me a lot of work, now all i have to do is smooth out the edges with the power saves and i will be completely satisfied with this product, however it does say every Pokemon's original trainer is Ash so that's good. Over all it was a decent buy but the power save would have been a great buy along with this.

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