Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike and Tricycle, Green - 2 in 1
Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike and Tricycle, Green - 2 in 1
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Product Description
Derived from the Dutch for "children" and "bicycle," a Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike designed to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler's comfort level. Kinderfeets' tires don't require air. Plus, Kinderfeets' colorful chalkboard finish provides a reusable canvas for children to exercise their creativity. Older now, Sebastian rides a regular bike with ease and confidence - all thanks to the push bike his father designed with him in mind.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #220552 in Toys & Games
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Kinderfeets
  • Model: KDF11.11
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 25.00" h x 15.00" w x 30.00" l,
  • Product Features
  • BAMBOO IS STRONGER THAN STEEL - Bamboo is stronger than steel and heartier than most hardwood, making it a versatile and valuable building material. That means a high-quality, high-durability bicycle
  • HIGH QUALITY - Kinderfeets is EVA airless biodegradable tires, adjustable, cushioned washable seat, non-toxic hand grips. Foot pegs to help children position their feet properly for cruising and to prepare for pedals
  • BEST FIT FOR YOUR KIDS - Kinderfeets Tiny Tots Trikes are the smallest 2-in-1 balance bike currently on the market, dutch design is has a low, step-through frame which places children's feet closer to the ground so they feel safe. Extra wide base and 7-inch tires are great driving comfort and easy balance, comes with adjustable, cushioned seat
  • ONE YEAR OLD CAN START TO RIDE - Now one-year-olds can start learning to ride with our NEW Kinderfeet Tiny Tot Tricycle, with three wheels they can easily start to learn how to use their feet to get moving. Then when ready, the Tiny Tot Trike easily converts from a trike to a 2-wheel wooden balance bike
  • AWARD WINNING - Patented, award winning balance bikes crafted from lacquered bamboo wood. Possibly the most beautiful balance bike you've ever seen, and for every bike we sell, we plant a tree in collaboration with Trees for the Future
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    52-1/2 year old loves it
    By S. Winn
    We love this bike and it just arrived yesterday. We have the radio flyer tricycle - kid doesn't like it. We have the skuut 2 wheel balance bike - way too big. We have a little kid razor - wants nothing to do with it. I put the kinderfeets bike together as the 3 wheeler and he jumped right on it! The seat is already in the lowest position which would easily for a smaller babe. I adjusted the seat to the highest setting and it's perfect. He was moving forward, backwards, even turning it around. So awesome. To the other reviews concerning the kids heels hit the rear wheels/bar: this happened a few times at first but it seemed like he learned fast and just used his feet further forward. This bike finally got my son to move on wheels at 2-1/2! I'm stoked and I'm pretty sure he is too. We ordered the blue bike - it's adorable and could definitely be a girls bike. Little girls can love blue too! Easy to assemble. There is a piece you NEED to save in order to convert the 3-wheeler into a 2-wheeler later on. I just put this part along with the instructions in a ziploc and threw it in my junk drawer. Buy it!!!

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    5Great for 1-year-old beginning walker
    By audreyofdc
    - well-thought-out wood construction
    - rolls and steers easily
    - small enough for beginning walkers
    - longevity, it converts from tricycle to balance bike and seat height is adjustable for longer use
    - great look (we love the red)

    - some parts tricky to put together
    - must supervise use closely for beginning walker, since tricycle can tip over
    - a bit pricy (around 80 dollars)

    This tricycle is the perfect size for our 1-year-old beginning walker. We chose this one, because it is so small and it can be used for quite a while since it converts from a tricycle to a balance bike and the seat height is adjustable also. Our one-year-old loves roaming around the house with this! Something I hadn't considered until I saw my baby using the tricycle is that he can use it as a walker — since his legs are able to be close together (as opposed to ride-on cars, which require the legs to be spread apart) he can take little steps while holding on to the handle bars. I can see how over time he will transition from standing up & walking to sitting down & rolling/pushing. Since our baby is a beginning walker, we are supervising any playtime with the tricycle extra closely so he doesn't tip over — the trike is sturdy, but since our baby is using it standing up and not sitting down, it is more likely to tip over than a ride-on car (though this happens very rarely). I also like that there is foam on the sides where the wooden front piece (with the handle bars and front wheel) attaches to the main body, so that the child can steer the trike easily, but the tricycle always corrects itself to steer straight (see photo).

    There were a couple of parts of the bike that were already put together (straight out of the box) and it was hard to take those parts apart to attach the wheels. We needed a few additional tools to assemble the bike, so I'd say it helps to have a handy person around. Once put together however, the tricycle is sturdy, rolls and steers easily and looks to be overall a high quality piece.

    I was going back and forth on deciding to buy this or not. I wasn't sure if it was worth the money considering we will likely only get a couple of years use out of it — then I decided that most baby/child items are only ever meant for a year or two anyway, since children develop so quickly in the first years that most things are only ever developmentally appropriate for a relatively short time, and this tricycle/bike could be a great primer for riding an actual bike eventually. I also wasn't sure if our baby would be interested in the tricycle, since he mainly uses the ride-on car we have as a walker, rather than really riding it — however, the way our baby is able to sit on and walk with the trike (legs close together), seems to be a lot more fun for him, so he much prefers the tricycle over our other ride-on toys. My biggest sign that our baby loves this trike is that it is one of the very few toys that he gets mad about when our older child tries to use it :-)

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    5Great first trike/bike for early learning.
    By substatica
    I got this for my 21lb 18-month-old son I was a little concerned about the reviews mentioning a lack of quality, but after seeing one in person the build quality seemed alright to me so I went ahead and made the purchase. This is at the higher end of the price spectrum, especially for what's probably the smallest trike/bike out there, in its defense it looks great and is both a trike and a bike.

    Assembly took me about 10 minutes, it consists of threading some axle rods through the frame and then securing them with hex bolts (comes with two allen keys). There is one axle for the trike mode and another for the bike mode so whichever you're not using should be stored along with the manual and allen keys in the ziplock they came in. In trike mode there are three hollow dowels that cover the back axle -- if you look closely two are different, they have one end cut straight to sit flush against wheels and one end cut at an angle to sit flush against the frame. These two should be used on either side of the frame while the last (which has both ends cut at angles) should be used in the center.

    I put this together in trike mode, my son jumped on it right away and was gleefully scooting around the house in no time. Initially this should not be used without supervision (and not without a helmet on inclines or dangerous surfaces) as pulling the handlebars, standing up and leaning back could result in your little one falling backwards over the rear axle and bringing the trike down on top of them. In addition leaning too far to one side can result in the trike falling over sideways, again in a tangle of toddler limbs. I believe these dangers fall under the "learning what not to do on a trike" category and since the trike is quite light it's not much of a danger itself.

    If assembled correctly the wheels spin freely and will be easy to clean of hair and debris if the need arises. Overall I'm pleased though I would like to see this at a lower price as the profit margin on what boils down to some plywood, plastic and a handful of bolts seems astronomical.

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