Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack(Discontinued by manufacturer)
Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Tube Blaster 2-Pack(Discontinued by manufacturer)
Manufacturer : SUPERSOAKER
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Product Description
Unleash a giant wave of soakage from up to 23 feet away with the Tidal Tube blaster! Give one of the 2 blasters in this pack to a friend and set up for an ambush. Just pull back the slide, take aim and soak! The soakage will be non-stop with your Tidal Tube blasters! Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #37325 in Toys & Games
  • Size: 10 Ounces
  • Model: A4842
  • Dimensions: 15.75" h x 7.99" w x 2.56" l, .1 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Tidal Tube water blasters let you soak your target
  • Pull back the slide and soak
  • Blast from up to 23 feet away
  • Holds 10 ounces of water
  • Pack includes 2 blasters
  • Customer Reviews

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    72 of 73 people found the following review helpful.
    5Used all last summer, one of the BEST water guns to buy.
    By AverageGuyShopper
    Perfect pool toy. Just dip in the water and pull to load Since you're at the pool already, you never have to worry about running out of water. This is one of preschooler's favorite water toys, and he can fill it up by himself and squirt with ease. My wife has to be careful since he can be a little mischievous at times, and this toy can get you soaked REALLY fast. An adult can get ~40-60 feet of stream, no problem.

    I also bought a bunch to use at my older kid's birthday party in the yard with buckets. The other water guns could not compare when it came time to get wet.

    No leaks, held up all summer very well despite being treat roughly as outdoor play items. I stored them over the winter in the garage and plan to pull them out again soon for more fun this summer. I paid <$10/pack on sale for them last year.

    (We also have other water guns. Another really good one to get is the Nerf Scatterblast Blaster.)

    We have 7 different NERF Supersoaker models for a total of 10. We like to use ours around the pool and the backyard for super wet fun. We have tried other brands of water guns from other makers, but NERF seems to make the best ones generally speaking.

    I wrote my take on each model, but put my top two favorites for OVERALL performance (ASIN# used to facilitate looking it up on Amazon website).

    1. Tidal Tube Blaster, one tube of water: This is UNBEATABLE for soakage. My 3-4 y/o could operate this with ease. My wife was often a casualty of mischief with this blaster. With the right angle, I can launch an accurate good stream of water a good 40-60 feet (all the way to the end of a long pool), giving this the longest range by far of all the supersoakers. The only drawback is it's a one shot deal, hence this is best as a pool toy. You can also use a bucket in the back yard, but you're at a big disadvantage when you want to refill. Ours has lasted through a full summer with no problem. You cannot really find this in the store, and have to order online. I got it for <$10/pack on sale by Amazon last year.

    2. Scatterblast Blaster, 22 oz.: This is frequently on sale for $9 at Target and is normally priced at $10 full retail. There is plentiful supply and easy to buy. It has a single nozzle that has 4 little holes around 1 bigger one. The range is decent and the pump action is smooth. This one is a favorite of my preschooler, which is not surprising considering how easy it is to hold and operate. Even though the reservoir is on the smaller side, because it is a basic water gun with one nozzle, it actually lasts quite awhile before getting empty. This is like a shotgun, scattering a decent amount of water over a wide area. Overall, because of the low price point, durability, ease of use, and good soakage, this is my favorite of the pack outside of the pool (then it's the tube blaster).

    ** Barrage Soaker, 84 oz.: This thing has a huge reservoir that allows you run around the yard with impunity. The adjustable nozzle twists to select one of three settings, but the nozzle does not twist all the way around. The 1st setting is a not-as-good version of the Scatterblaster (stream is so wide it devolves into three small streams and mist). The 2nd setting is a regular steam with limited range. The 3rd setting is a thinner steam goes much farther. The money's at the 3rd setting, and it is very effective, especially if you can keep a good distance from your target. The giant reservoir with the 3rd setting combines for a fearsome combo in a water gun. This gun is best for older kids (at least upper elementary) as it is pretty heavy when full.

    ** Double Drench Blaster, 27 oz.: This water gun is a lot of fun with it's double barrel multi hole goodness. It has good range and great spread of water as expected. You don't have to be accurate at all. In fact, you probably don't even have to look when you fire. You'll hit something... You might feel like a bad boy walking around with this double barreled saw off shotgun water toy.

    ** Floodfire Blaster, 43 oz: This thing holds quite a bit of water. It fires a single large stream of water at long range, but you have to hold the trigger down AND use the pump action. This is because it also connects to a garden hose and the trigger releases the pressure from the hose for ultimate range and unlimited soakage. The hose connector works well and is a quick on/off twist. It's nice to just connect and fill up fast. However, why use this with a hose when you have a Flippin' HOSE at your disposal?! I'd much rather drop this on the ground and pick up the actual hose if I'm really getting mobbed. Another thing, it's heavy when fully loaded. My 8 y/o complained about it after awhile. It does hold a lot of water and the thick stream has good range, so buy it for that, not the hose function.
    ASIN: B00MXT4T94

    ** Flashflood Blaster, 23oz.: This water gun is truly unique as it combines a Scatterblaster with a Tube on top. If you want to be conservative, just use the pump action scatterblaster. But sometimes you just really need to drench the other person, and the tube is perfect for that. You have to have to be careful, though since the tube will use up the standard size reservoir pretty fast. The Scatterblaster and Tube both have decent range. But the tube is a little awkward to use and doesn't push in as straight as the Tubeblaster, so you do not get anywhere the speed nor range of the regular Tubeblaster. However, you do have a portable resevoir so you can venture away from the pool with this one. The model leaks a lot of water when full, so be careful if you're filling it up in the house.
    ASIN: B00MXT4SZ4

    ** Zombie Strike Scatterblast Blaster, 35 oz: A cousin of the Scatterblast blaster, but the light is superfluous. The battery compartment has a rubber O-ring to keep it dry (3 AAA batts). I wouldn't bother, the light is so weak, especially in daytime. However, the pump action works well and it functions well as a Scatterblaster. Save your $ and just get the regular version.

    11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
    5Cheap, Powerful, and Durable so far.
    By Scott S.
    Cheap and powerful as long as you're in a pool or on a canoeing trip. Have lasted a few trips of intoxicated abuse so I'm happy.

    13 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
    5Great Water Squirters of the Beach!
    By Carolyn M. Hietsch
    We have tried numerous water squirters on the beach and they all get clogged with sand. I know these are made for the pool/backyard and so I expect them to be short-lived. However, with these, I was pleasantly surprised! These have been going strong for many trips to the beach. They occasionally need to be rinsed by an adult, but are still working perfectly. One thing to note, they say 6+ and do require a certain amount of strength to shoot out the water. Perfect for my 6 yr. old, but my 4 yr. old struggles. Just stick to the age recommendation and have fun!

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