Hand Wrap Wash Bag w/ Bag Clip - Large
Hand Wrap Wash Bag w/ Bag Clip - Large
Manufacturer : Meister MMA
Amazon Price : $3.99
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Product Description
Don't keep reusing your sweaty hand wraps! After your workout just stuff your wraps into your Meister MMA hand wrap wash bag and throw it in the washer and dryer. Keeps your wraps from getting tangled up with all your laundry. This bag includes a swivel bag clip as well. Constructed of strong double stitched mesh this wash bag will keep you rolling with clean wraps without the hassle.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #27365 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Brand: Meister MMA
  • Dimensions: .60" h x 5.80" w x 6.50" l,
  • Product Features
  • Machine Wash & Dry Your Handwraps Without Tangling
  • Fits Up to 4 Pairs of Wraps at Once - 12" X 12"
  • Strong Mesh on Both Sides & Attached Bag Clip
  • *NEW* Full Zipper Enclosure & Zipper Lock to Keep Closed During Wash
  • *NEW* New & Improved Super Durable Double Stitched Seams
  • Customer Reviews

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    4Hang Wrap Bag
    By Adam C
    I was getting tired of my hand wraps getting twisted in knots around my regular laundry, so I got this bag to keep them in place. Bag works exactly as you would expect. Allows for a good wash of the hand wraps and dries very well. A couple things to mention though.

    Don't try to wash more than 2 pairs of hand wraps at a time, It will make a big clump and part of the handwraps will not get cleaned. Also makes it very difficult to dry.

    The clip on the bag might damage more delicate items if washed at the same time. I would recommend using during the same load as gym clothes only. You can always break the clip off if you want.

    Otherwise, if you are tired of your hand wraps getting all knotted up in the wash, this is a great product.

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    2Unzips in the wash.
    By Micheal Mathews
    Came unzipped in the washer twice, and all of my wraps spilled out into the wash.

    What's interesting is that I also bought the Meister Shin guards with instep, they came in a mesh bag with a cinch rope and a sliding clip. The material is almost identical so I threw some wraps in there and washed them. It did not come undone and everything washed just fine.
    The Shin Guard bag also has fewer seams and failure points.
    I think Meister may have put too much effort into designing a wrap bag when they already had a perfect one in their shin guard bag.

    If you use a safety pin or something to hold it closed then you'll have a good bag but I feel like Meister should've thought of that. I won't be throwing it in the wash again.

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    1Fell apart after one use! Not worth the money.
    By G. Levy
    I know, this thing was only $3.99...but when you add in shipping, it came out to almost $8. Definitely, 100% not worth the money. Take my word for it.

    My wash bag fell apart after just one use. The area where the mesh is stitched to the zipper pulled apart and my wraps actually came out into the washing machine from the bag. I had to throw the thing out after using it just one time.

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