Fishing Resort - Nintendo Wii
Fishing Resort - Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer : Xseed
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Product Description
You arrive in paradise, a beautiful resort on a tropical island where there's an abundance of sun, sand, and of course, fish! Being on vacation, you're free to spend the time however you see fit - get up early in the morning to go deep sea fishing, participate in the many varied activities that the resort has, or just spend a lazy day touring the aquarium. As the days pass and you become more familiar with the area and hone your fishing skills, you also get a sense of the best fishing spots that the island has to offer. Do you rent a bicycle and ride to a remote location to fish for trout by a waterfall? Or perhaps test your skill and luck by kayaking deep into the jungle to see what kinds of fish await? You can even scale the top of a local mountain to enter a different climate and go ice fishing - this is your vacation, the choice is completely up to you! Fishing Resort is a fishing game that takes place on a large tropical paradise and uses the Wii Remote to mimic the action of casting and the Nunchuk for reeling. After customizing the appearance of his/her avatar, the player is free to do as they wish, whether it be checking the resort's bulletin board for daily activities and contests, participating in any of the over 20 fishing-related mini-games, or go trolling the high seas on a charter boat in search of really big game such as giant swordfish. Despite being an island, this paradise offers lakes, streams, and even ice fishing high in the mountains in addition to the deep and shallow sea fishing that's sure to keep the casual and hardcore fishing fans alike coming back for more as they try to catch the over 200 varieties of fish available.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #10153 in Video Games
  • Brand: Xseed
  • Model: 81143
  • Published on: 2011-11-18
  • Released on: 2011-11-22
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.50" h x .60" w x 5.40" l, .36 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Accessible controls utilizing the Wii Remote as the cast and the Nunchuk as the reel makes it an easy pickup-n-play experience for the first-time fisherman, while the ramp up in difficulty on the bigger fish will challenge even the most experienced angler
  • Instead of being confined to one boat, the player is free to fish wherever they encounter water on the island, whether it be by biking to a hidden lake, chartering a boat for deep sea fishing, or even scaling the local mountains to go ice fishing
  • Over 20 Fishing-Related Mini-games-Trying to hit a bull's-eye with a good cast, accurately naming the correct fish based on a picture, and competing in a kayak race are just a few of the multiple mini-games available
  • 4-player Multiplay and Online Leaderboards-Four players can play together to see who can catch the most fish within a given time limit, and online leaderboards allow single players to see how they stack up against others
  • Created by Yuji Naka, The Creator of Sonic - With his studio, Prope, Yuji Naka once again puts a whole new spin on a classic genre
  • Customer Reviews

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    5My kids' favorite game!
    By Usually Right
    My kids are 8 and 5 and they LOVE this game. Like most games, it took some help to get the basics down, but it didn't take more than a couple of sessions practicing with an adult before they were up and running, discovering new places to fish, learning which baits catch which type of fish, etc. The intro to the game has a lot of on-screen READING, which is a little weird and makes you wonder, "Ugh! Is THAT what this game is?" But once you learn how to fish and find the manager to open up the bait shop, then things get fun! And for a relatively simple game, it has so many different features that it's kept my kids interested for months! There's dock fishing, lake fishing, ocean fishing/trolling, and a cave where you can catch piranha. My older child likes to save up points from catching fish so that he can buy big things, like deluxe rods and fishing boats. My younger child likes to go to the bait shop and spend points on different clothing, which ranges from flip-flops and t-shirts to crowns and tuxedos. It's so fun for them both! I'm glad my kids like it so much, because I'm not inclined to buy them any "shoot-em-up" games. This is cute and fun and plays pleasant music.

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    5Don't write it off as a little kid's game
    By Zack Ojers
    This is, hands down, the best fishing game I've ever played.

    It's kind of strange, as it starts with you creating a character, and has missions that you are given by other characters in the game. You also are given lots of options for your character's look. You control your character in 3rd person, walking or biking to different fishing spots, or renting boats to fish further out in the water.

    The game has several different salt and freshwater locations to fish, allows you to take a yacht out for open ocean fishing, and lets you alternate between bait and lure fishing at your leisure. It also has various tournaments, including impromptu one on one fishing challenges against other characters. There is also an aquarium you get to manage and upgrade, displaying the different sorts of fish you've caught. There are also legendary fish to keep an eye out for, as an additional challenge.

    The actual fishing involves holding the wii remote in one hand, while rotating the nunchuk around it to simulate the reel. I would say of all the wii games I own, this is one of the ones that makes the best use of the motion controls. tilting the controller controls the tilt of the rod, and pretty consistently matched the angle i was holding the controller at.

    I would recommend this game to anyone who likes fishing and has a wii, especially if you also have kids. It looks to have been designed for kids, but holds my interest fine as an adult, so it could be just the thing if you want to a game that both you and your kids will play and enjoy. You can ask them if they've caught the legendary white sturgeon yet...

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    5Fishing Resort Review by Dad's Gaming Addiction
    By Dad's Gaming Addiction
    Wii Fishing Resort is a great family game and very user-friendly. I do have one or two complaints but they are minor. For one, there are only three profiles. I have yet to figure out if you can get more, those that know how feel free to leave a comment below. This forces a family of five to share profiles and those that have children know how well THAT works out sometimes. At the end of the day the game teleports you back to the hotel which may annoy some people. The same music plays every time you catch a fish and in the starting area it’s one hundred percent hee-haw music. Imagine if “Cotton Eyed Joe” blared from your imaginary boom box that was strapped to your shoulder every time you blinked your eyes. After a while you’d find that annoying.

    Don’t let the above gripes turn you away from this game. You’ll get a ton of mileage out of this game and there’s plenty of content to keep you busy. It’s been on in my house almost twenty-four / seven for the last week; everyone loves it. I admit, twenty minutes of those twenty-four hours may have been me (twenty minutes is code for three hours) and I may or may not have had to put back a Wii remote to charge it and switch to the second remote to continue playing. If you like fishing or enjoy a game where you can sit back and relax while drinking a cold one, be it beer or chocolate milk, then I’d highly recommend giving this game a look.

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