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KOOBA is a next-wave magnetic target game that's totally unique and incredibly fun! Using two sticks to launch a magnetic "aero", KOOBA combines dexterity with knock-em-out strategy for a game that performs like a sport and plays like a board game. A perfect game for parties or family get togethers, KOOBA is intensely competitive, easy to learn, yet always a challenge. It's a multi-generational game that lets the whole family play and compete. KOOBA blends board game strategy with target game skill. The magnetic game pieces can be used for scoring, attacking, blocking, and more! KOOBA isn't just one game, it's a gaming platform. Play with 2, 3, 4 players or go big with teams up to 20 people! KOOBA comes with rules for the official KOOBA game, but also comes with 2 more games that can be played on the same board. New games and mods are fun to invent and share with others! Made with strong rare earth magnets and durable, quality materials. All the pieces stay firmly on the board for easy storage. You can either hang the board on a hook or even turn it sideways and lean it up on a cooler for tailgating. KOOBA also won't damage your walls like regular darts, so it's perfect for the living room, game room, office, or dorm room. It's a great game to bring anywhere people get together for fun and exciting competition!
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  • Product Features
  • Unique game play is easy to learn, but always a challenge
  • Play with 2-4 players, or teams up to 20 people!
  • High quality materials - built to last!
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    3It requires a lot of space so if you have a small living area like we do then you will have to play outside
    By Nikkilds18
    This game is kind of tough! It is definitely not something you can just play as soon as you get it. It takes a lot of practice to be able to even hit the board. So it isn't a game you can play when you invite people over, unless those people have previously trained for it. It requires a lot of space so if you have a small living area like we do then you will have to play outside. The game itself seems to be made with nice quality materials and is an interesting concept. We are all still trying to master the shot. But my six year old is doing just as well or better than us so young kids can play this too.

    I received this product for free or deeply discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    5Easy to learn but always a challenge
    By Heather Johnson
    As soon as the package with my new KOOBA arrived, my daughter excitedly wanted to take the new game outside. Unfortunately, the weather was too cold at the time. However, as soon as spring finally arrived, my kiddos and I headed into our backyard with the new game. My backyard is surrounded by a wooden fence, so I affixed a sturdy nail to the wood on which to hang the KOOBA board. Setting up the game was as single as hanging up the board. You can alternatively turn the board on its side and lean it upright, which makes the game more portable and allows you to play even when you cannot hang the board up.

    KOOBA comes with a handy card with instructions for the official game as well as two other game ideas. You can also come up with your own games and rules using the board and pieces as a gaming platform. My kids are only 1 and 4, and I absolutely lack the athletic ability to aim a magnetic dart at a board. (I once knocked a sign off a wall during a mishap with a traditional dart game.) Although the official rules to KOOBA are pretty easy to understand, my kids and I have just been attempting to hit the board with the magnetic aeros. I love that this game encourages players to make up their own games in addition to following official rules.

    KOOBA blends board game strategy with target game skill. I can play board games but lack the ability to aim. As promised, this game is easy to learn but always a challenge. To play, place a magnetic aero on the pair of shooting sticks. Then hold your arms in front of you at eye level with the sticks crossed. Finally pull your arms apart evening in opposite directions to launch the areo. My husband figured out how to launch the aeros very quickly. My preschooler daughter also started launching the aeros a short distance. I absolutely stink at coordinating my arm movements, but I did have a lot of fun trying. My toddler son enjoyed running after and picking up the magnetic aeros.

    While my kids and did not have much luck actually hitting the board, I am confident that this game will hold up for many years to come. The board is quite thick and features a reinforced hanging hole. The shooting sticks are sturdy, and the magnetic aeros, markers, and bullseye are durable and well made. As long as my kids do not abuse any of the parts too badly, I am sure that my family and I will be playing with this game for many summers down the road. I received KOOBA in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    4Play in a large room or outside
    By J. Moore
    This is a unique game. It uses magnets to hold the pieces to the board. It takes a lot of practice to get the aero to land where you want it to. It is supposed to be hung on a wall. However it doesn't come with any hardware to do so. It also requires enough distance to launch the aero and enough width to not whack any bystander with the sticks. So we took it outside and made it into a lawn game. I found it helpful to watch the videos on their website on how to set it up and play. It lists the ages as 14+, but my younger children were able to play it. The board and pieces are well constructed. Overall, this will be a fun game to play outside with our friends durning get togethers this summer.
    I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

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