HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Set
HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Set
Manufacturer : Hexbug
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The VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit is loaded with advanced robotics technology, including a brain with 12 self-configuring input/output ports, as well as 750+ pieces that include four smart motors, one color sensor, one bumper switch sensor, one touch LED sensor, and built in rotational sensors on the motors. This technology is accessible enough to jump right in and snap these robots together using the intuitive, tool-less pieces. Follow simple step by step instructions to build your first robot, and then take advantage of the unmatched versatility of the VEX IQ system to build anything you can imagine! It comes with a video game style remote control with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and with two programming software options - Modkit for VEX or ROBOTC, as well as VEX IQ Curriculum that is free for all users!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #57104 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: Hexbug
  • Model: 228-4444
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 15.50" h x 23.50" w x 8.50" l, 7.00 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Take advantage of the unmatched, versatile VEX IQ system with the VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit!
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to learn the basics, and then use that knowledge to build anything you can imagine!
  • Customize your robot with a variety of sensors including color, bumper switch, touch LED and other built in rotational sensors on the motors
  • Includes free VEX IQ Curriculum for all users!
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    5No longer is my son playing mindless games on his iPad! He's totally stoked about designing and building with this kit--
    By Gordon
    I recently purchased this for my son after he's been been begging me for the Lego Mindstorms Robot for over a year now.. Mind you, my son is a huge Lego fanatic that drags me to the Lego store at the mall every time I go. I was about to pull the trigger on getting the Lego kit but as luck would have it, my son was over a friend's house two weeks ago and that friend had this VEX robot kit.. When I went to pick up my son he was overwhelmed with wanting to show me what he and his friend built.. To be honest, I was thinking, "Great, this friend has the Lego robot and now I'm really going to have to get that..." -- As it turns out it was the VEX kit (I didn't realize it).. I got to speaking with the other Dad about this, telling him I was being hounded to get the Lego robot and I was curious on what made him choose VEX instead of Lego.. For him, he had quite a bit of knowledge of the company behind the VEX robot as his older son competed in robot competitions in high school. He really loved the company and what they've done for robotics in education and wanted to support that vs going the HUGE-INTERNATIONAL-BEHEMOTH that is Lego... To me that's pretty important (supporting a smaller player in a large market) but I wanted to make sure this kit wasn't just some charity case for me, where I'd be shelling out my hard-earned cash on something that wasn't as good as the larger-name brand thing...

    So, after leaving the playdate and avoiding the mall I did some online research (this is why my kid and wife thinks I "know everything".. I wait till they're all asleep and I research.. It turns out this company behind the VEX robot is the same company doing the Hexbugs my son has also loved... Cool, so they're not some fly-by night company that's gonna disappear anytime soon..

    As it turns out, they are a technology company that are really connected and passionate about making cool stuff that gets kids interested in science and robots. I then did what I always do with a semi-major purchase.... I called the company....This is what really separates ok companies vs great ones..

    I got a pleasant person on the phone that answered all my questions, was intelligent about the product and was eager to help me.. Oh, and they weren't some overseas staff, they worked right in the home office.. that's key for me because those types of support/sales teams will always work our better for the consumer.

    So I ordered this VEX robot and it was on it's way.. It got to our home in 2 days and my son was stoked.. He had to be restrained from ripping the whole box apart as he wanted to dive right in... Did I tell you this toy is something that is educational? Yeah, so makes it so worthwhile to know he's LEARNING as he plays with this thing..

    UPDATE: It's been over a week now and he's completely all-in on playing/working with this robot kit.. It's all he wants to do now (I can proudly say that the iPad hasn't been touched since this arrived!)..

    Absolutely 5-stars review for this product and the company behind it.. Everything I was looking for and more...

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    5Retired Teacher Grandma/ Grandson Activity
    By Shirley Johnson Roberts
    I am writing my first Amazon review because I have been talking about this VEX IQ kit that I purchased to use with my grandson. As a retired teacher, I thought this would be a great project to use with him on different occasions. Well, I was right and I am having a lot of fun. My grandson is too.

    After I got the kit, I was able to build the clawbot robot with the included instructions. I was sure that I would need to get help for the first build but this was not the case. I will admit that I built a few random things just for fun and then disassembled everything and built the robotic arm called Six Degrees of Freedom. After working with my grandson, I realized why we had so much fun. First, you have an instant robot driving capability by connecting the robot with the remote. It was really easy to have a robot to drive.

    I do have two suggestions. Can there be more different sizes of axles (lengths)? It would also be great if there was the capability to swap motors without having to turn the brain off and on. My grandson was moving so fast as we were building this robot and I soon learned that if we changed out components, we needed to turn the brain off and then back on to get them to work. I will admit that it does not take long to bring the robot back up so it is not a big problem.

    All in all, VEX IQ is a great robotics system that I wish I would have had in my classroom when I was teaching.

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    4HEXBUG VEX IQ review
    By Michael Schweitzer
    The Vex IQ robot is great for those who like Legos and programming. It is easy to build and learn and challenges you when creating new types of robots. The instructions for both the construction and programming are clear and easy to understand. My favorite part of the Hexbug is that I can make different types of robots to do a variety of things. It was a great birthday gift for me from my parents and I have already built and rebuilt it a number of times since I got it.

    Ethan, 11, future robotics engineer

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