Good Smile Metroid: Other M Samus Arun Zero Suit PVC Figure
Good Smile Metroid: Other M Samus Arun Zero Suit PVC Figure
Manufacturer : Good Smile
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Product Description
Add the strongest (and sexiest!) bounty hunter around to your shelf! Samus Aran is in her Zero Suit from Metroid: Other M. 8 1/2-inch action figure comes with Baby Metroid and a gun, too! Add the strongest (and sexiest!) bounty hunter around to your shelf with this Metroid Other M Samus Aran Zero Suit Statue! Inspired by her appearance in Metroid: Other M on the Nintendo Wii, the 8 1/2-inch tall figure finds Samus in her blue Zero Suit so you can pose her like she's out on a mission. You get a Baby Metroid and gun, too. The Metroid Other M Samus Aran Zero Suit Action Figure really brings out the Metroid -world atmosphere for fans to enjoy! Ages 15 and up.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #43895 in Toys & Games
  • Color: multi-colored
  • Brand: Good Smile
  • Model: JUN132074
  • Released on: 2012-11-30
  • Fabric type: 100% Toy
  • Platform: Not Machine Specific
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 3.00" w x 8.00" l, .90 pounds
  • Product Features
  • A Japanese import by Max Factory
  • Featuring the star of the latest game in the Metroid series
  • 1:8 scale PVC figure
  • Clad in the Zero Suit she wears on missions
  • Comes with gun & Baby Metroid
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    5Metallic Blue Samus
    By Zeck
    The only Metroid game I've ever played is the original one for the NES. Years ago, my friend had a birthday party sleep over and we all took turns playing Metroid. None of us could figure out where to go (this was before the internet; dark days indeed), and whenever one of us blew up a new wall, we were all excited. Never got very far though, and we eventually gave up and put in a hockey game instead. I own the Prime Trilogy on the Wii, but I've never gotten around to playing it. However, you don't have to be a fan of Metroid in order to appreciate this statue.

    This is Samus Aran, one of the most famous female video game characters. You may be thinking, "But I thought Samus always had her power armor on," and you'd be mostly correct. This is called her 'Zero Suit,' as in, she's not wearing her suit. Get it? Ha ha. Anyway, this is apparently the skin tight body suit Samus wears under all that bulky power armor. This look first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission (zero being everyone's favorite number apparently), but the model here is from Metroid: Other M. Probably not everyone's favorite Metroid game...

    I wouldn't be surprised if a few people were upset when the toughest female bounty hunter in the galaxy was reduced to wearing a hot, skin tight, "look at how sexy she is" suit that hugs every curve of her body (and boy does she have curves). But look at the bright side: at least it covers everything. No odd patches missing near her top, no sudden stopping just after her hips. Samus is covered from neck to foot, unlike outfits on pretty much any other female game character.
    The statue is impressively detailed in terms of curves. No, I'm not just talking about those 'curves', impressive though they are. You can see the muscles in her legs and arms. Not ripped and muscular, but smooth and lithe. The arms thin just a bit near her elbow, then thicken again along her forearm. Same with the legs: thick near her thighs, gradually thinning out until her knees, then getting thick again near her calves. This gives the impression that she is fit and trimmed.
    Her face and hair are detailed well too. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail and looks as though it is blowing in the wind. Several strands fall down in front of her face, but you can still easily make out her stunning green eyes. She has a look on her face that, combined with one hand on her hip and the other holding a gun, means she isn't taking grief from anyone, human or alien. What's surprising (or maybe not, since this is Nintendo's property) about this entire look is that there is no hint of sexual flirting in it. Most statues, when given something like this to work with, would have tried to make some sort of sexual hint. Maybe a suggestive smile, or slightly closed eyes, or a more suggestive pose. Not here. Samus means business, period.
    Hardcore Metroid fans should be pleased to know that Samus does have her little mole under her lip. Very cute.
    The suit is painted (or crafted, as I'm not sure if 'painted' is the right term) in different shades of blue and a few pink spots, but all of it has a metallic shine to it. It really does look like something out of the future and not just pajamas.
    Buyers be warned: Samus' legs are not spaced far enough apart to fit onto the base straight out of the box. I panicked a little at this, because the gap is rather wide and there is no hint that you can move any part of Samus. However, you can easily move her left leg so it fits onto the peg that it's suppose to. That's not to say that she is meant to be bent, or that she has moveable joints, or you can play with her like an action figure. You can't. Just be careful moving her leg and you'll be fine. This seems like a developer oversight, but it's easy to fix and you won't damage Samus in the slightest. At least I didn't, anyway.

    And that's all I have to say about...I forgot something? What? Oh, that little Metroid. Right. That...thing. Fine. Don't get me wrong: they did not skip on the detail for the Metroid. It's not just a painted piece of plastic, as the picture might suggest, but is fully detailed. You can see its brain (brains?) inside, along with its blood veins. All these are on the inside of its see-through outer shell. It's just, compared to how sturdy Samus feels, this thing feels cheap. And don't even get me started on how hard it was to get its little peg inside it so it can float next to Samus. I saw several cracks develop around the entry point, and even now I can't get the pole completely locked in place. I almost didn't even put the thing on because Samus alone is so nice.

    Educational--Teach kids how to do things carefully and with patience. Moving Samus' leg isn't hard, but if you jerk it, you may crack the beautiful paint job or crack the leg itself. And that Metroid peg is going to teach you when to use care, and when to just go, "Forget this," and do it the hard way. Ugh.

    Bottom line--Samus is great. The paint, the stance, the detail, the gun, the expression on the face, the fact that she is, when you get down to it, amazingly beautiful and well-built (take that whichever way you want, he he). All of these things come together to make this a must-buy for Metroid fans, and an impressive addition to anyone who collects statues. It would have been fine without the Metroid, whose annoying habit of not wanting to go on the peg will cause some people to probably just leave it in the box.

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    5Well designed ad beatifully executed
    By Claudio Leme
    I am not a game fan, but since I saw this figure browsing for new models to add to my collection it called my attention enough to make me order it. I am really pleased I did so, as this is one really beautifully designed, crafted and painted figure. The only minor issue would be with the leg positioning pin on the base. The way it is spaced it is better to not pin both legs, as doing such would make the model pose in an awkward way. But simply pin one leg (the left one) and the balance is perfect and it fits snuggly enough to fix the figure safely in position. A Prime Model to any figure collection indeed!

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    By P. G. Canet
    Max Factory delivers again with this PVC Figure. Samus is shown in a great pose, with a professionally painted Zero Suit with a metallic look, and a exceptionally crafted head/hair with fierce (non-animeish style)looking face. I liked the figure from the start... My hopes where REALLY high for this piece as the pictures found are awesome... the figure delivered completely and in every level.

    Few error are found in the craftsmanship/making of this figure: The stand and figure doesn't connect/clicks perfectly and I even have to stretch Samus' right leg a little for it to reach the second foot hole. This has to be done with extreme care, the PVC figure is and feels solid but you don't want to break one of its legs. Nothing happens if you do it carefully. Finally the Metroid is attached to the stand with a plastic rod that doesn't connects firmly to the Metroid... but with a little care it will fit eventually, just be careful (again), cause the plastic rod seems fragile enough to break with a twist.

    One of my favorite figures to date, price is a little high but completely worth it.

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