The Duke Directed by Wiescreen TV. Director Adeeb Barsoum
The Duke
 Directed by Wiescreen TV. Director Adeeb Barsoum
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The politics of the high court are elegant, shadowy and subtle. Not so in the outlying duchies. Rival dukes contend for unclaimed lands far from the king's reach, and possession is the law in these lands. Use your forces to capture enemy troops before you lose the chance to claim the land for yourself. In The Duke, players move their troop tiles around the board and flip them over after each move. Each tile's side shows a different movement pattern. If you end your movement in a square occupied by an opponent’s tile, you capture it. Capture your opponent's Duke to win!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #37242 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: catalyst games
  • Model: CAT13000
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Formats: Multiple Formats, NTSC, Surround Sound, THX, Widescreen
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.40" h x 7.10" w x 9.60" l, 1.70 pounds
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Product Features
  • Tile Placement and Grid Movement Game with a Chess Feel
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes
  • Number of Players: 2
  • High Quality Wooden Pieces
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    5One of the best abstract strategy games I have ever played
    By G. Farnsworth
    Very interesting game. It has some elements of it that feel a little chess-like, but it has some randomness in that every time you put a new piece on the board, it gets blindly pulled out of a bag.

    It has some great thinking and strategy, but because of the randomness of it and the fact that pieces keep changing what they can do, it's not a game that I plan out many moves ahead. This makes it quicker and more dynamic but at the same time less deep than Chess.

    I could imagine people getting really good at this game and having a different level of strategy. For me, it's a lighter but very fun game. One of the best abstracts I have played

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    5Great game, batter than chess.
    By Fernando M. Meneghetti
    Great game for people who like strategy games.

    For all those people who hated chess because they couldn't remember how things moved or couldn't follow everything that was going on this is great since the movement is right there on the pieces and there's a lot less pieces on the board at one time. Small board makes it a fast game with a lot of interaction.

    If you ever wanted to learn chess but never could try this one instead. In my opinion is way better and much more interesting.

    If you want to learn how to play look for it on youtube, there's a lot of people showing it in 5 min videos.

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    5Fantastic Chess-like strategy game
    By The Stas
    Fantastic Chess-like strategy game. This adds a little randomness to your 2-player abstract strategy game. You set up the 6x6 board with 3 pieces but can add more pieces by drawing them randomly from a bag. All the movement possibilities are printed on the tiles so you don't have to memorize too many rules. After you use a piece, you flip the tile over and will have to use that piece differently the next time you want to use it. I've played it with people that like Chess and people that do not; everyone likes this game.

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